Sledding & Snow Play in Mammoth Lakes

Sep 05, 2022

A family trip to Mammoth Lakes isn’t complete without some good, old-fashioned snow play. What’s snow play? Well, it’s any type of fun you can imagine in or on the snow (think: sledding, making snow angels or building a snowman).

There are plenty of places in town to explore and enjoy the snow. Bundle up and make sure everybody’s cozy, warm and comfortable — that way your day of fun will be more enjoyable. Then head out to enjoy the stuff that winter fun is made of. 

Need to purchase sleds for your outing? Check the Mammoth Fun Shop, Rite Aid, Vons and a few sporting good stores in town. 

Sledding & Snow Play on the Mammoth Scenic Loop

Mammoth Scenic Loop is a popular spot for sledding and snow play in Mammoth Lakes. While there is no dedicated sledding area, the forested areas off the scenic loop are open to the public for sledding and snow play.

Getting There

You can access this cutoff from Hwy. 203 on the way to Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge. Be sure to pull your vehicle fully out of the way of traffic, and set up your sledding hill a safe distance from the road.

Sledding & Snow Play at Shady Rest Park

Shady Rest is the perfect place for young children to spend time enjoying the snow. With gentle slopes and quiet, wooded areas, families can allow little ones to get a taste for sledding or building snowmen.

Getting There

To access sledding and snow play areas at Shady Rest Park, take Saw Mill Cutoff to the parking area at Shady Rest Park.

Sledding & Snow Play in the Mammoth Lakes Basin

The Mammoth Lakes Basin has plenty of space for sledding and snow play. Head up along the Lake Mary Public Access Corridor (to the left of the groomed cross-country ski trails) keeping an eye out for snow play opportunities along the way. The wooded areas and the shores of Horseshoe Lake are great options for families to explore and have a fun-filled day in the snow.

NOTE:  Sledding and snow play on the groomed Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center trails is prohibited. Be sure to stay off all groomed cross-country ski trails in the Mammoth Lakes Basin to avoid collisions with skiers and disturbing the groomed tracks.

Getting There

To get to the Lake Mary Public Access Corridor, take Lake Mary Road to the winter road closure and park in the area by Twin Lakes.




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