Welcome to the real unreal

Unreal. There is no better way to describe Mammoth Lakes, California. A place so majestic that breathtaking views surround you in every direction. Where otherworldly landscapes of craters and hot springs and alpine lakes and tufa towers exist side by side. And adventure never takes a season off, whether hiking rugged mountain terrain or skiing mind-blowing amounts of powder at 11,053 feet. A wonder of nature, and a wonder why you’d want to be anywhere else. It’s all so unreal, we’re just happy it’s also very real.

Start your unreal journey by exploring the new all-encompassing, adventure-inspiring, interactive map — so you can spread out, explore places you’ve never heard of before and have a slice of this adventureland all to yourself, even if it’s just for a while. Because Mammoth Lakes is so much more than the classic (but sometimes busy) places you’ve seen on Instagram.