Guided Backcountry Skiing in Mammoth Lakes

Have you been interested in getting into backcountry skiing in Mammoth Lakes but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you’re new to backcountry skiing or just new to backcountry skiing in Mammoth Lakes, a guided backcountry ski tour is a unique experience. You’ll see a totally new side of the Eastern Sierra and become more confident skiing off the resort.

Benefits of Going Backcountry Skiing with a Guide

Although backcountry skiing with a guide doesn’t remove all of the risks from the sport, guided backcountry skiing tours are a great way to learn about backcountry skiing and backcountry safety from a local expert.

On a guided backcountry skiing trip, you’ll learn about all of the basics of backcountry skiing — using your backcountry gear, basic backcountry safety, uphill skinning techniques, downhill transitions and downhill skiing out of bounds — from an experienced guide. Additionally, you’ll have the added bonus of the expertise and route planning knowledge that only a local expert can provide.

Guided Backcountry Ski Trips in Mammoth Lakes

Skin Up Tours

A sister company to Ground Up Climbing Guides, Skin Up Ski Tours takes skiers from the resort into the backcountry. Choose from guided backcountry skiing day trips or a 2-day backcountry skiing boot camp that will show you the ropes of what backcountry skiing in Mammoth lakes is all about.

Mammoth Mountain Backcountry Ski Tours & Clinics

NOTE: Mammoth Mountain Backcountry Ski Tours are currently closed.

Learn the basics of backcountry touring in Mammoth Mountain’s Backcountry Ski Tours & Clinics. These 3-hour clinics are limited to 6 students and cover touring and safety equipment, skinning, kick turns, downhill transitions, skating, and downhill ski practice, all with instructor demos, evaluation and feedback. It’s the safest and easiest way to give touring a try, right here on Mammoth Mountain.

Sierra Mountain Center

Sierra Mountain Center offers a full roster of guided backcountry skiing experiences, from multi-day excursions to introductory guided backcountry skiing tours. Choose your guided trip based on whether you’re more interested in touring or the downhill aspect of backcountry skiing.

This guide service also teaches AIARE Avalanche Safety Courses.

Sierra Mountain Guides

Sierra Mountain Guides offers introductory backcountry courses as well as guided backcountry skiing tours throughout the Eastern Sierra. Whether you’re new to backcountry skiing or looking to get deeper into the backcountry, Sierra Mountain Guides has tours for all levels.

This guide service also teaches AIARE Avalanche Safety Courses.

FAQs About Guided Backcountry Skiing Tours in Mammoth Lakes

What skill level is needed to go on a guided backcountry ski trip?

Guides recommend guests are confident skiers with at least an intermediate to expert skillset.

Can I sign up for a backcountry ski tour if I’ve never skied off the resort?

Yes. Guided backcountry skiing tours are perfect for skiers who are ready to move from the resort to the backcountry.

Will I still enjoy a guided backcountry skiing tour if I have some backcountry experience?

Yes. Guided backcountry skiing tours are also great for skiers with some backcountry experience who aren’t familiar with skiing in the Mammoth Lakes area. Your guide will provide local expertise on route planning and snowpack.

What if I don’t have backcountry gear?

You can rent backcountry gear through your guide service or through a local gear shop in Mammoth Lakes.

Will I learn about avalanche safety on a guided backcountry ski tour?

Guided backcountry skiing tours in Mammoth Lakes will cover some avalanche safety. However, tours are not a replacement for taking an AIARE Avalanche Safety Course.

Am I required to take an AIARE Avalanche Safety Course before going on a guided backcountry ski tour?

Most introductory guided backcountry skiing tours don’t require prior avalanche safety training. That said, some guides offer more advanced trips that would require more advanced knowledge of avalanche safety.

Can I choose where my guided backcountry skiing tour goes?

For introductory tours, guides typically choose areas where the snowpack will offer the best experience. However, guests can choose specific routes offered for more advanced tours. Most guides also offer the option of creating custom tours.

What time of year are guided backcountry skiing tours available in Mammoth Lakes?

Backcountry access and the availability of guided backcountry skiing tours in Mammoth Lakes is dependent on snowpack. Check with the local outfitters to learn more about when and where they are operating this season.

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