Camping in Mammoth Lakes

Mar 02, 2022

Whether you want to pitch a tent with views of an alpine lake or under a forest of Jeffrey Pine, there are plenty of places to camp in Mammoth Lakes. Plan your summer camping trip to Mammoth Lakes in advance, as campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes tend to book early.

Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes

Choose from a variety of campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes area. Each campsite offers a different experience and unique access to Mammoth Lakes’ many scenic wonders.

Camp in the Mammoth Lakes Basin (accessible via the ESTA Lakes Basin Trolley) for easy access to hiking trails and alpine lakes. For a camping experience with service by the free Mammoth Lakes shuttle system and easy access to restaurants and shops in town, reserve a campsite at a campground in town. Or head to Reds Meadow (accessible via the Reds Meadow Shuttle) to camp near hiking trails, with access to Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls.

Looking for information specific to camping in RVs? Get details about RV camping in Mammoth Lakes here.

Campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin

Campgrounds in the Town of Mammoth Lakes

Campgrounds Just Outside of Mammoth Lakes

Campgrounds in Reds Meadow (Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls area)


When Do Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes Open?

Opening dates for campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes depend on winter snowfall and springtime temperatures. On lighter snow years, lower elevation campgrounds in town typically open in late May, with higher elevation campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and Reds Meadow opening in June. However, on years when snowfall totals are higher, campgrounds may not open until late June.

Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes usually stay open into the fall, although closing dates may vary by the campground and are based on weather.

For details about when campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes are open this year, view the Mammoth Lakes Campground Report

How to Book a Campsite in Mammoth Lakes

Most reservable campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes, with the exception of Camp High Sierra, are run by the U.S. Forest Service. You can reserve a U.S. Forest Service campsite by booking online at, where you can search for campsites in Mammoth Lakes listed above. Campground reservations open on a 6 month rolling basis.

Camp High Sierra reservations can be made at Mammoth Mountain’s website

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