5 Resolutions Every Skier and Snowboarder Should Make This Year

1. Get Into Shape

Being in shape allows you to ski and ride longer. It also helps you avoid injuries. It gives you the strength, which allows you to pursue more technical terrain. And it gives you the stamina to ski and ride longer, which makes the price of an all-day lift ticket totally worth it! Remember, have a trainer to help you identify appropriate workouts to get you into skiing and riding shape and always talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

2. Get Your Boots Fit Properly

Like many of you, I long skied in sloppy, used and hand-me-down boots. I’d spend thousands of dollars on a quiver of top-of-the-line skis and bindings, and next to nothing on boots. I thought a boot was a boot, was a boot. I didn’t realize that curling my toes to stabilize my foot in order to initiate a turn on the steeps was a problem, and the problem was with my boots, and not with my so-called “uncommonly narrow foot.” Sound familiar? Even if your situation isn’t as extreme as mine; even if you only have a slight heel lift, or a little slop in the ankle…or even if you don’t… If you’ve never been fitted by an expert, the time is now. The difference in my skiing enjoyment as well as a boost my technical skill has been nothing short of amazing. I can feel what’s going on on under foot. My skis are incredibly responsive–not because they’re awesome skis (which they are) but because I have the proper equipment that allows me to ski them the way they’re supposed to be skied.

Boot Fitters in Mammoth Lakes

For snowboarders:

For Skiers:

3. Use Your Pass More…Much More!

Every year, there are people who purchase a season pass and never redeem it.  Others come to Mammoth once, just once. What!? I mean, you’re so close. If you live in Southern California, you’re only and hour away by plane and five hours by car. You should be here all the time! Look at it this way: you only need to ski or ride six days on Mammoth Mountain pay for your pass. After that, you’re skiing for free. SKIING FOR FREE! So, how do you get the most out of it? Schedule a few trips right now. pen (don’t pencil) them into your calendar. Treat those trips like any other very important meeting that cannot be canceled. Why? According to the Harvard Business Review, “downtime increases productivity.” It also makes you happier, more able to enjoy life, and it improves your personal relationships. Once you have a handful of trips scheduled, promise yourself you’ll take at least one spontaneous powder trip to Mammoth. As soon as you see one of our “Dump Alerts,” get here!

4 Take a Lesson

Have you hit a plateau? Take a lesson. It’s a no-brainer, but it’s also not entirely obvious. Why? You grew up skiing, right? You’ve been skiing twenty years, right?  You ski The Top, right? Yes, of course you do. But there’s always something–even for die-hard locals–that you can learn to improve your skiing, or make your skiing easier, better, or safer. Maybe you want to ski bumps better, or bust through powder-chowder effortlessly. Perhaps you want to be able to do some basic tricks in the park. No matter your goals, a single lesson can shave weeks off of your learning curve over trial and error alone. The best part, you’re less likely to pick up bad habits that cause you to plateau again in the future. For more information on skiing and snowboard lessons, check out Mammoth Mountain’s Ski and Snowboard School for skiing and snowboard camps, including women’s, terrain park, and mogul camps.

5. Explore A Different Part of the Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is huge. Huge! Yet somehow we all get into our ruts and routines. Maybe you always park at Main lodge and do laps Cornice. Or, like me, perhaps you favor Canyon Lodge and Lincoln Mountain. Maybe you’re a regular at Main Park. Whatever your predilection, try mixing it up. Explore. Check out the trees off of Chair 9. Hike Hemlock bowl on a powder day. Ride Chair 22 on Lincoln mountain if you’re a Upper Gondola person, or explore Chairs 12,13, and 14 if you’re a Canyon Lodge guy. I promise, you’ll feel like you’re skiing or riding a whole new mountain!!!

What are your resolutions for this year?

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