Winter Fun for Weekday Warriors

As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, and the weekday warrior gets zero lift lines! Or something like that, right?

But really, it pays big to plan a ski trip to Mammoth Lakes for more than just the weekend. From saving on lift tickets, lodging and more to having the whole place to yourself (seriously lift line-level = zero) here are some of the best reasons to extend your ski trip to make it more affordable and more fun to visit Mammoth Lakes.

BEFORE YOU VISIT: The town of Mammoth Lakes and its businesses are doing their part to keep guests, workers and the local community safe. Our community also asks that guests do their part to keep everyone safe in return by adhering to all travel and recreation guidelines as you return to your favorite wild places in Mammoth Lakes.

Save on Lift Tickets at Mammoth Mountain 

Did you know lift tickets at Mammoth Mountain are priced based on demand? That means skiing midweek can be cheaper than weekend days on the hill. With a demand-based pricing model, lift tickets are much cheaper (up to 20% off!) Monday through Thursday. Find the most discounted lift tickets online two weeks ahead of the time. 

Of course, if you commit to buying a season pass, you could be skiing unlimited days at Mammoth Mountain without having to worry about lift tickets at all!

And You can Save on Lodging, Too!

From huge mountain chalets and condos with breathtaking mountain views to convenient hotel rooms in the heart of town, Mammoth Lakes has an incredible selection of lodging options. With the exception of the holidays, staying at a hotel or condo in Mammoth Lakes is always more economical midweek.

The best way to find midweek deals is to check with the hotel or rental agency directly.

Or, to save on lodging at a Mammoth Mountain property, book a season pass holder + lodging deal midweek for the biggest savings.

Apres Ski Specials Coming At Ya

Have you ever skied on a Taco Tuesday? How about a wine Wednesday? Midweek ski days mean midweek apres ski specials, both on the mountain and off. Ask about food and drink specials at your favorite hangouts in Mammoth Lakes to take advantage of all the midweek discounts.

First Chair Is Yours For the Taking 

Ski or ride like a local and hit the slopes midweek for first dibs on first chair and first tracks! With fewer people hitting the hill, your chances of being first in line for corduroy are pretty great Monday through Thursday.

And, Of Course, the Aforementioned Zero Lift Lines

Even if getting up early isn’t your jam, you don’t need to stress about beating the crowds when you ski midweek because, well, midweek crowds just aren’t a thing. Take laps on your favorite chair without worrying about whether the lift line will cut into your precious skiing time. Or cover the whole mountain in record time with that midweek magic.

Seriously, you’ll feel like you have a cheat code when you’re the only person cruising down your favorite run on a Tuesday. It doesn’t get much better than that!