Skip TSA & Fly to Mammoth Lakes in Luxury

Nov 24, 2021

Imagine leaving work Friday afternoon, heading to the airport and boarding your flight to Mammoth Lakes without having to deal with TSA and arriving at your winter vacation in record time. That’s the experience you’ll get when you fly on Advanced Airlines, Mammoth Lakes’ newest luxury air service offering service from three Southern California airports to Mammoth Yosemite Airport.

If getting from your home to skiing or snowboarding on the slopes faster and with less hassle sounds like your thing, read on to learn more about flying to Mammoth Lakes on Advanced Airlines this winter. Or visit to book.

About Advanced Airlines Flights to Mammoth Lakes

Advanced Airlines is a public charter flight service that eliminates the hassle of commercial flights (think: no waiting in TSA line and less risk of canceled flights due to stormy weather) and offers a luxury experience. Here’s what you can expect when you fly to Mammoth Lakes on Advanced Airlines.

Spend less time at the airport

Because Advanced Airlines is a public charter service rather than a commercial airline, guests flying on Advanced Airlines can skip TSA when they check into their flights. That means no long waits to get through security lines, no taking off your shoes, no long walks through huge airport terminals and no boarding stress. Just arrive 20-30 minutes before your flight and board the plane with all of your luggage in tow.

Fantastic snow conditions can also cause occasional issues for flights in mountain towns. If poor weather impacts Mammoth Yosemite Airport, Advanced Airlines flights can divert to Bishop Airport (BIH). Bishop Airport is just 40 miles from Mammoth Lakes, and since it’s at a significantly lower altitude the airport is less affected by stormy conditions.

If your flight is diverted to Bishop Airport, a complimentary shuttle service to Mammoth Yosemite Airport is provided.

Enjoy Luxury Perks Without Added Costs

Advanced Airlines prides itself on the guest experience. When you fly to Mammoth Lakes on Advanced Airlines, you can expect luxury amenities, including complimentary beverages and snacks, two free checked bags (up to 38 lbs. total) and roomy leather seats comparable to business class seating on commercial flights.

But don’t let the words “charter” and “luxury” deter you from checking out Advanced Airlines. Prices for Advanced Airlines flights to Mammoth Lakes are comparable to commercial flights so guests get all of the benefits without added costs.

Flexible Flight Plans Based on Demand

In these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, Advanced Airlines will be operating a flexible fleet combined with 30-passenger regional jets and 9 passenger King Air 350’s, allowing for maximum capacity to meet the demand.

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