Family Friendly Biking in Mammoth Lakes

Oct 20, 2020

While Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is known for it’s extreme downhill trails and features, Mammoth Lakes offers an abundance of options for family biking. From gentle dirt trails to scenic paved routes, you’ll find a something for the entire family. According to Matt Finnegan, from Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes, the weather is nearly perfect and the scenery is unbelievably beautiful, making Mammoth Lakes nearly ideal for family vacations to the mountains.


Town Loop Trail

This is a paved path with a few gentle rolling hills and stunning scenery of Mammoth Mountain, The Sherwins and the White Mountains, across the Caldera. Its close proximity to town makes it especially convenient for families who are pressed for time. Start at Mammoth Creek Park and follow the 5 mile paved trail to Shady Rest, where you’ll find water, plenty of shade and a playground. There are also picnic tables for a family picnic. For more information, visit

Mammoth Lakes Basin Trails

Hop on a free bike shuttle at The Village and take it all the way to the Lakes Basin, where paved path. For a more challenging ride, get off at Twin Lakes and bike 5 miles up to Horseshoe Lake and then ride all the way back into town. For an easier ride, take the trolley all the way to Horseshoe Lake and ride back to the Village. Finish the ride with an ice cream cone from Ben and Jerry’s in the Village. The Mammoth Lakes Basin bike path is an independent, paved path set away from the road, making it safe for families with smaller children. For more information about family biking in the Lakes Basin, visit

Horseshoe Lake Loop

This easy, flat, 1.7 mile trail loops around Horseshoe Lake. Enjoy shady forest sections and explore old building remnants on the backside of the lake. Again, take the Mammoth Lakes Basin Trolley from The Village all the way up to Horseshoe Lake. For more information about Family Biking on the Horseshoe Lake Trail, visit


  • Make sure you and your children know how to control and stop your bicycles. Although the paved trails are set away from the road, there is traffic moving in both directions nearby. It is important to be able to control and safely stop your bike. Also, these paths are multi-use paths, meaning you’ll find pedestrians and a variety of cyclists of all abilities using the path. You must be able to safely avoid others.
  • Make sure your kids know how to stop their bicycles. Even easy trails can have a few hills on them, so it’s especially important that kids know how to control their speed and come to a complete stop.
  • Wear a helmet. Everyone in the family should wear a helmet. ‘Nuff said.


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