Bears in Mammoth Lakes

Jul 14, 2021

If you’ve been to Mammoth Lakes, you’ve probably seen the “Don’t Feed Our Bears” stickers on dumpsters, cars and on signage all over town. If your planning your first trip, look for them. They’re everywhere!

I caught up with Steve Searles, the local wildlife specialist to talk about Bears in Mammoth Lakes. We talked about why it’s important not to feed them, what to do if you encounter a bear, and how to stay bear safe in the backcountry.

Top 3 Ways People Inadvertently Feed the Bears

  1. Bird feeders.
  2. Keeping a messy camp.
  3. Not using a bear can in the backcountry.

Watch the video for more info and safety tips:

For more information on bears in Mammoth Lakes and for the best safety tips check out:

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