Winter Activities Blogs

Top 5 Winter Climbing Spots in the Eastern Sierra

Oct 27, 2014 / Monica Prelle

The thing about climbing in the Eastern Sierra is that it is a year-round sport. While the snow is flying in mammoth, the sun may be shining on a crag just down the road. Whether it's a warm winter afternoon or a cold and snowy day, there is always somewhere to go climbing within an hour or two of Mammoth Lakes. MORE

Jeremy McGhee: Do What You Love

Oct 24, 2014 / Monica Prelle

Two years after paraplegic skier, Jeremy McGhee, climbs Bloody Mountain he talks about the expedition. MORE

Zen and the Art of a Powder Day on Mammoth Mountain

Aug 28, 2014 / Neev Zaiet

The blissful sound of loud bangs and explosions in the distance can only mean one thing: It's powder day! MORE

What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Skis

Aug 27, 2014 / Christie Osborne

Think womens skis are just smaller with prettier graphics? Think again. We caught up with Larry Rhods from Footloose Sports to talk shop about the real difference between mens and womens skis. MORE

5 Resolutions Every Skier and Snowboarder Should Make This Year

Aug 27, 2014 / Christie Osborne

Being in shape allows you to ski and ride longer. It also helps you avoid injuries. It gives you the strength, which allows you to pursue more technical terrain. And it gives you the stamina to ski and ride longer, which makes the price of an all-day lift ticket totally worth it! Remember, have a trainer to help you identify appropriate workouts to get you into skiing and riding shape and always talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. MORE

Jeremy Jones in Mammoth Lakes

Aug 27, 2014 / Christie Osborne

Legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones is coming to Mammoth Lakes this weekend, so we asked him questions our Facebook fans wanted to know. MORE

12 Ski and Snowboard Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Aug 27, 2014 / Lesley-Ann Hoxie

While there are clear differences between skiing and snowboard, when it comes mountain etiquette and safety the same codes apply to both and regardless of what is strapped to your feet, it’s important to aware of the basics. MORE

Beautiful Snowshoe Adventures Within 10 Minutes of Mammoth Lakes

Aug 27, 2014 / Alex Garcia

Snowshoeing in Mammoth Lakes is a great way to enjoy a quiet moment in nature. There are so many stunning vistas that are easily accessible and within 10 minutes of Mammoth Lakes, and many of the trails are great for families or folks with dogs. MORE