Mammoth Lakes Promise


Pledge your support in protecting our beloved mountains.

Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding Eastern Sierra are special places that we want to make sure stay special for future generations. If you love Mammoth Lakes (and let’s be honest, how could you not?) please join us in promising to be a responsible visitor, do your part to take care of the places we all love and leave Mammoth Lakes even better than when you arrived.

Here’s what we are asking our guests to commit to as part of the Mammoth Lakes Promise:

  1. I will know and practice the seven principles of Leave No Trace and help make Mammoth Lakes and the areas I recreate in better for others to enjoy in the future.
  2. I will clean up after myself and my pets (and maybe even others) by packing out all trash, including pet waste, and knowing how to properly dispose of human waste
  3. I will do my part to reduce waste by bringing reusable water and food containers with me and properly disposing of any trash I do create.
  4. I will know my limitations and always be prepared so as not to put myself or others at risk for the sake of a bucket list summit or the perfect picture for the ‘gram.
  5. I will be responsible with fire, respect local fire restrictions and ensure any fires I do make are put out completely before leaving camp
  6. I will respect wildlife by keeping a safe distance and never feeding wildlife or leaving trash for animals to find.
  7. I will protect the local drinking water and fisheries by recreating responsibly around waterways.
  8. I will do my part to travel sustainably by walking, biking or riding public transportation when possible. When I do drive, I will not invent my own by parking illegally in town or pulling off the road and damaging plant life.
  9. In winter, I will use snow chains when there are chain restrictions in place, fully clean snow off my vehicle before driving and respect the power of winter storms.
  10. I will leave Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra better than I found it.