New Year’s Resolutions from Mammoth Lakes Crib Alumni

Jul 14, 2021

Ah, the good ol’ New Year’s resolution. You know, it’s that ambitious goal we set every New Year’s Eve and if we’re incredibly motivated we can count ourselves among those who achieve them. Whether it’s to lose weight, save more money, or the one that most of us will probably be aiming for, improving fitness (that’s number four on the list for the average American), it’s nice to know that even elite athletes at the pinnacle of mind and body performance also make their own New Year’s resolutions.

Each year the Mammoth Lakes Crib serves as the home-away-from-home for elite athletes from around the world looking to train amongst the best. We asked some Mammoth Lakes Crib alumni what their fitness resolutions were for 2017, and we got some answers that could just help you in achieving your own goals.

Toms Skujins, Cyclist, Cannondale-Drapac

In 2016 I achieved my big goal of representing Latvia in the Olympics and yet again won a stage in AMGEN Tour of California. I’d love to finish a Grand Tour in 2017. As long as I get picked for the nine-man team, I’m sure I’ll give it my all to make the finish line three weeks later too. I’m hoping I get to again represent my country, this time at the World Championships in Norway.

However, my goals aren’t only sport specific. Last year I had so much fun staying at the Mammoth Lakes Crib, and following [Visit Mammoth] on social media, it has made me want to go skiing in some big mountains next year. I’ve never been outside of Latvia to ski, so definitely planning on going to Mammoth Lakes, or some place similar for some fresh powder. I’d also like to make Girona, where I’m based most of the year, more homey and learn Spanish so I can integrate more with the community here.

Alexi Pappas Runner, Olympian

In 2017, I will continue to explore the “long distance” side of myself–I hope to brave some longer long runs and longer races. Whenever I get the opportunity to come to Mammoth Lakes, I am inspired and I learn from the longer distance runners there, and it makes me curious to try new events myself. In addition, I hope to improve upon my current focus event, the 10,000 meters on the track. I look forward to competing in the World Championships in London this summer, where I hope to finish in the top half of the world!

To prepare, I hope to run a few more tough workouts up at the Lakes basin in Mammoth Lakes this year– I’ve only worked out there once in my life and I look forward to more ahead!

Jenny Fletcher, Triathlete and model

My New Year’s fitness resolution is to focus on living in the moment and enjoy the process of getting back into shape in the early season and finding true form peak season. How? By being realistic with goal setting and race strategically throughout the year. I want to focus more on nailing a better training plan this year so that I can go into races feeling more prepared than ever.

Nutritionally I want to clean it up! I add a lot of sugar because I know I’m burning it off but better to add in the right things that just anything. And mostly plan a great season that entails some fun adventures to amazing places around this world. My philosophy of life is live an adventure everyday. So Mammoth Lakes is a must! It’s the best place to be living an adventure!

Evan Huffman Cyclist, Rally Cycling Team

I think as a pro, my New Year’s fitness resolution is essentially the same as my goals for the 2017 racing season. I just want to keep improving my fitness, building on what I’ve done in previous years, and turn that into more results. It helps me a lot to keep a big picture perspective and not get too emotionally invested into any one particular workout. Also, just trying to take care of my body off the bike through core strength, massage, stretching, sleep, nutrition, etc.

Tim Tollefsen Ultra Runner, Nike Trail Team and Physical Therapist

My 2017 fitness resolution is to be more diligent with the little things.  Like most people, my struggle isn’t getting in big workouts or long runs, it is performing the little things before and after running that are less glamorous but equally important! I hope to spend more time on ancillary work such as form drills, strength and stability routines, and regular stretching, that will in turn lead to a healthier and more sustainable 2017!  

Author: Neil Shirley Neil Shirley spent the better part of his teenage years on the mountain bike before turning professional as a road cyclist. He went on to serve as Editor at Road Bike Action Magazine and now works for Lyman Agency helping spread cycling cheer.

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