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Mammoth Lakes Now More Accessible Than Ever With Two Local Airports

Oct 05, 2021 / Visit Mammoth

The move to Bishop also opens the door for expanded flight routes and access to Mammoth Lakes in the future. MORE

Skip TSA & Fly to Mammoth Lakes in Luxury

Sep 07, 2021 / Meghan Miranda

If getting from the airport to the slopes faster and with less hassle sounds like your thing, read on to learn more about flying to Mammoth Lakes on Advanced Airlines this winter. MORE

How To Leave No Trace Around Town in Mammoth Lakes

Jun 26, 2020 / Molly Horner

Usually you think of the seven Leave No Trace principles for hiking, fishing or camping adventures out in the wilderness, not when you’re surrounded by buildings, cars and pavement in the center of town. There are plenty of ways you can do your part to leave a lesser footprint in... MORE

Winter Driving: When You Need Snow Chains & Where to Get Them in Mammoth Lakes

Dec 06, 2018 / Meghan Miranda

Make sure you know which restriction level your vehicle falls into, and plan to use your snow chains when that level is indicated.  MORE

Family-Friendly Tips for Adjusting to High-Altitude in mammoth Lakes

May 29, 2018 / Charlotte Kaufman

The town of Mammoth Lakes is 7,900ft above sea level. Elevations this high mean that some people may experience side effects from high altitude. MORE

Child Care and Kids’ Activities in Mammoth Lakes

Mar 06, 2018 / Molly Horner

Finding some solo mom and dad time can make it the ultimate getaway, but lining up a trusted sitter while away from home can seem daunting. MORE

Work and Play in Mammoth Lakes

Oct 31, 2017 / nollic

Never choose between fun and productivity again with the Fort! MORE

What You Need to Know About Parking in Mammoth Lakes

Feb 02, 2017 / Jason Abplanalp

The spectacular peaks that make Mammoth Lakes a legendary recreation mecca leave limited space for expansive parking lots. While there’s never an actual shortage of overnight parking in Mammoth Lakes, knowing the rules and regulations will make it easier for you to park your vehicle legally. Mammoth Lakes’ parking codes... MORE