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A National Championship for Mammoth Track Club

Apr 04, 2022 / Andrew Kastor

On March 5, Nico Montanez raced the U.S. 15Km National Championships in Jacksonville, FL where he took on a stellar field of professional runners and won. Competing athletes included four U.S. Olympians from the recent Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. MORE

It’s Race Week for the Mammoth Track Club

Oct 06, 2021 / Andrew Kastor

The Mammoth Track Club has two athletes, Reid Buchanan and Nico Montanez, racing in the Chicago and Boston Marathons this week. MORE

Win $500 By Exploring Spring Trails with the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trail Challenge!

Jul 08, 2021 / Dakota Snider

This summer, get off-the-beaten-path, explore lesser-known trails in Mammoth Lakes and win $500 with the Mammoth Trail Challenge. MORE

Top 10 Alternative Mammoth Lakes Winter Adventures

Dec 05, 2017 / Monica Prelle

Winter adventures in Mammoth Lakes are not limited to skiing and snowboarding on the slopes anymore. MORE

Deena Kastor’s Tips for the Mammoth Half Marathon

May 03, 2017 / Christie Osborne

In preparation for the Mammoth Half Marathon, we caught up with Deena Kastor to talk shop about her vision behind the race, her favorite runs in the area and her tips for preparing for a high altitude race. MORE

One Spring Day: Ski, Bike, and Run

Apr 24, 2016 / Monica Prelle

It’s the most wonderful time of year in Mammoth. The snow up high on the mountain is holding up to the warm days, but still freezing at night and turning into epic corn in the late morning—leaving plenty of time in the afternoon for a bike ride. And if you can find the energy to go for a run in the evening before the sun sets you’ve got yourself the ultimate Sierra trifecta. MORE

Newbie Questions: Marathon Training

Oct 03, 2015 / Monica Prelle

If you’re anything like me, the challenge of running your first marathon evokes your inner neurotic-self. After finishing my first half-marathon, I registered for the Los Angeles Marathon, and immediately began to obsess about it. MORE

Trail Running in Mammoth Lakes: The Essentials

Aug 13, 2015 / Monica Prelle

Depending on the length of your run, you may not need anything additional to your normal running gear, but if you are going to make a good habit of trail running, and want to go on longer runs you might need a few things specific to trail running. Here are a few trail running essentials to get you started on the right foot. MORE