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Backpacking in the Eastern Sierra 101: What You Need to Know to Plan Your Trip

Jun 04, 2015 / Kalyn LePre

Scott McGuire, from the Mountain Lab, gives some great tips for beginning back packers who want to get into backpacking in the Eastern Sierra. MORE

A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in Mammoth Lakes

May 27, 2015 / Kalyn LePre

There's so many options for hiking near Mammoth Lakes and in the Eastern Sierra. Here are few trails first time visitors and beginning hikers should check out when they arrive in Mammoth Lakes. MORE

Bucket List Guide to Hiking in the Eastern Sierra

May 25, 2015 / Monica Prelle

The Eastern Sierra is home to hundreds of miles of hiking trails. From mountain vistas to alpine lakes, trails lead us to spectacular destinations. It would take a lifetime to hike every mile of trail that the region offers, so we’ve created a bucket list guide to the most spectacular trails near Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra dividing them by region. MORE

Off Season Cross Training in Mammoth’s Great Outdoors

Jan 07, 2015 / Monica Prelle

It’s that time of year—the days are warm, the breeze is cool, and the nights are crisp. Most of the summer travelers have gone back to school and the Eastern Sierra is quiet again. While there are still a few weeks of summer left on the calendar, you may have... MORE

Top 5 Winter Climbing Spots in the Eastern Sierra

Oct 27, 2014 / Monica Prelle

The thing about climbing in the Eastern Sierra is that it is a year-round sport. While the snow is flying in mammoth, the sun may be shining on a crag just down the road. Whether it's a warm winter afternoon or a cold and snowy day, there is always somewhere to go climbing within an hour or two of Mammoth Lakes. MORE

A Climb for the People

Oct 03, 2014 / Stacy Corless

Whitney has something for almost everyone, in one day. Mt. Whitney is absurdly popular. But rather than sneer at the masses who ascend its flanks every year, embrace the mountain’s majestic accessibility. MORE

The Ascent of Man

Sep 25, 2014 / Stacy Corless

Peak bagging is, in a sense, a lofty pursuit—though the loft might come from elevated altitude rather than soaring intellect. Whatever your views of Darwinism, use the milestone as a good excuse to head to the mountains to celebrate your bipedal ability and opposable thumbs. MORE

3 Perfect Days of Hiking in Mammoth Lakes

Sep 15, 2014 / Monica Prelle

Mammoth Lakes is an outdoor paradise like no other—the rugged natural beauty of our backyard makes it an ideal hiking destination. With an extensive system of trails in Mammoth, you won’t need to go far to find a trailhead, but there are also exceptional destinations to the north and south, so you’ll never have to hike the same trail twice, unless, of course, you love it that much. MORE