High-Altitude Training Blogs

Footloose Sports Hosts a Q&A With Asics Elite Runners

Aug 26, 2014 / Monica Prelle

Each year in August, high school and college running teams from around the country make an annual altitude-training trip to Mammoth Lakes. Large vans decked with team logos head up Highway 395 filled with student athletes ready to ramp up their training before the cross-country season begins. MORE

Welcome to the Mammoth Lakes Crib

Jan 04, 2014 / nollic

When you train in Mammoth Lakes, you’re training among the best. Hovering just below 8,000 feet, this small, yet extremely scenic, mountain town is the ideal spot for endurance athletes. Professional and elite runners, cyclists, triathletes and more can be found on the trails and roads throughout the area. They... MORE