Fishing Blogs

The Remarkable East Walker River

Jan 02, 2017 / Mike McKenna

The East Walker River is famous for two things: for being one of the best brown trout fly fishing streams in California and for its resiliency. After several years of draught in the High Sierra, this 90-mile river is bouncing back to life, making it a great fishing destination this... MORE

Three Fantastic Fall Fishing Spots

Oct 14, 2016 / Mike McKenna

Fall is my favorite time to fish the Eastern Sierra, and I’m not alone. The crowds are gone, but the fish are still here. The mornings are often cold enough to see your breath, but most days warm up long enough to bare shirtsleeves and bask in the beauty of... MORE

Morrison’s Fall Bonus Derby Feeds the Soul (and the Creel) at Convict Lake

Oct 03, 2016 / Mike McKenna

There’s an old saying around Mammoth that goes, “People may come for the winters, but they stay for the summers.” While that’s accurate, it’s missing a key element in the equation—fall. Autumn is when most local and longtime visitors, especially those of us with passions for fishing, hiking, photography and... MORE

How Convict Lake Got its Name

Sep 06, 2016 / Mike McKenna

There once was a time when Convict Lake, one of the most photographed and famous bodies of water in California’s Eastern Sierra, was known by other names.  Names that also hint at the magical and mysterious appeal of the lake’s crystal clear waters. Unlike many drive-to lakes in the region,... MORE

Top Spots for Boating, Kayaking, and SUPing near Mammoth Lakes

Jun 29, 2016 / Monica Prelle

From hiking to mountain biking and climbing Mammoth offers a number of opportunities for the adventurous spirit, but to truly experience the lakes in which the area is known, one must get on the water. MORE

The Other Twin Lakes

Jun 15, 2016 / Mike McKenna

There are some things in nature that are beyond description. Places so beautiful and awe-inspiring that words seem weak in comparison.  MORE

Hooked: Learning to Fly Fish in the High Sierra Backcountry

May 20, 2016 / Monica Prelle

It was my first fly-fishing trip, and I really wasn’t all that interested in learning. My husband, Jon, and I had planned a ten-day backpacking trip in Sequoia National Park, and I figured if he was planning on fishing, I might as well give it a try. I hadn’t expected to get hooked. MORE

3 Perfect Days of Spring in Mammoth Lakes

May 10, 2016 / Monica Prelle

The good news about spring: there is so much to do. The bad news: it's tough to fit it all in three days. MORE