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A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in Mammoth Lakes

Jul 09, 2015 / Monica Prelle

If you’ve never been camping before, or if you haven’t gone since last summer and need some reminders, here are some tips for camping in Mammoth Lakes. MORE

How to “Leave No Trace” in the Mountains

Aug 27, 2014 / Monica Prelle

You may have heard the saying "Leave No Trace," but do you know what it means? MORE

Best Bets: Family Camping in and Around Mammoth Lakes

Aug 26, 2014 / Betsy Temple-Truax

My family recently returned home to Mammoth Lakes from a week-long car trip through northern California and southern Oregon. It was a pretty impromptu trip—we had a general idea of our route and places we wanted to visit, but no firm reservations. We loaded up the car with our basic camping supplies, a cooler with a few provisions and a guidebook and hit the road. The experience reaffirmed how easy, inexpensive, and fun a family camping vacation can be!  MORE