Your Ultimate Guide to Mammoth Bike Park

Oct 20, 2020

The Mammoth Bike Park was recently named the #1 Bike park in the USA by Outside Magazine. I caught up with Pro snowboarder and avid mountain biker Gabe Taylor, to talk about highlights and favorite trails for all types of riders, as well as tips for stepping up your game on your bike.


The Discovery Zone

Start with the Pioneer Practice Loop. It’s a quarter mile loop where beginners can simply get used to riding a bicycle on dirt and feel confident about moving on your bike. Once you’re comfortable on the Pioneer Practice Loop, hop on chair 11 and ride down the Discovery Trail, a wide path with a gentle grade. Here you can learn how to brake and control your bike.

From there, check out the Adventure Trail or the Explorer trail for added features.


The fastest and easiest way to get better is to take a mountain biking lesson or attend a clinic. Otherwise, follow these basic tips:

  • Don’t fixate on the front wheel. Let your eyes move down the trail where your bike is going.
  • Release any tension. You don’t have to be tense on the bike or overly grip the handle bars. Gabe says, “If you push a bike down the hill by itself, it’d make it pretty far on it’s own. It’s usually us that messes things up.”
  • Ease your way into it. Don’t go to the hardest trails first. Get your confidence up on trails that are below your level and take that confidence to progress.
  • Drink lots of water and protect yourself from the sun. You are at 9,000, where the sun is stronger and it’s easier to get dehydrated. A key to having fun is to wear sun protection and drink more water than you think you need to.


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