Work and Play in Mammoth Lakes

Jul 14, 2021

With seemingly endless wilderness to explore and adventure sports galore, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place to unplug. But if being offline for your whole vacation calls to mind visions of overflowing inboxes, don’t stress. Mammoth Lakes’ co-working space, the Fort, might be the perfect solution.

With two locations, high-speed Internet and an environment that sparks inspiration and productivity, the Fort makes it easy to fit work into your vacation. Whether you need to jump on a conference call or just check-in on email before hitting the slopes or heading out on a hike, you can create your perfect balance of work and play in here.

So next time the powder is just too good to pass up or the trails are calling your name, stay in Mammoth Lakes a few extra days instead of heading back to the office. Soak in the fun without sacrificing your work.

MMH Makes Work + Play Even Easier

If you can’t get enough of the adventures available in Mammoth Lakes, make it a lifestyle.

Mammoth Yosemite Airport opens up the possibility of spending as much time as you’d like here. Escape to the mountains as your work schedule allows. Then hop on the next flight home when you’re needed back in the office. 

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