Wildflower Photography Tips in the Eastern Sierra

Oct 20, 2020

The spectacular landscape of the Eastern Sierra is made even more wonderful during wildflower season. When and where wildflowers bloom depends on a number of things, including snowpack, elevation and local geology. Wildflowers can bloom at different altitudes starting as early as April and continuing into September. We caught up with local fine art photographer Kendra Knight, from Bluebird Imaging for her tips on taking gorgeous wildflower photos on your next vacation to Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra.

Wildflower blooms vary depending on the season and on yearly weather patterns, including winter snowfall and spring and summer rain. Altitude also plays a role in when and where wild flowers bloom. Kendra Knight from Bluebird Imaging joins us to give a few tips for wildflower photography in the Eastern Sierra.

Wildflower Photography Tips

Choose your season: The typical bloom season begins in spring, around April or May, depending on snowpack and continues into September.

Choose your elevation: Altitude affects bloom times as well. For example, wild irises may start blooming along the Highway 395 near Bridgeport at 6,500 feet in June, but won;t start blooming along a grassy, high altitude lake at 9,000 feet until July. Stop by the Mammoth Lakes Visitor Center for guide books and bloom reports.

For SLRs and DSLRs:

  • Use a macro (close-up) lens. Marco photography highlights the flower and draws the reader into the picture. Kendra’s favorite is a 100mm macro lens
  • Bring a small water bottle to spray onto flowers to get that dew drop look.

For iPhone:

  • Don’t worry about equipment, pay attention to the light.
  • Use an iPhone macro lens attachment like Ollo Clip

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