Intermediate Downhill Mountain Biking Tips with Liz Cunningham

Jul 14, 2021

Liz Cunningham, Ambassador for Yeti Cycles, gives some very helpful tips to ensure safety while riding as well as taking your biking skill from beginner to the intermediate level. Mountain biking, like any other action sport, has mental barriers to overcome, but with these easy-to-apply tips the transition to becoming a better rider smoother.

How to Make Sure You’re Ready to Take Your Riding to the Next Level

Get the Right Gear. Be sure to get a bicycle that fits properly. You’ll also need a full face helmet, pads for knees and elbows, and a chest/back protecter. And of course, don’t forget water.

Have Fun. When you’re ready to ride, remember to have a lot of fun. If you’re with friends, focus on sharing those moments with them.

Test Yourself. Learn something new every time you go out.

Be Confident in What You Know. Only test yourself when you feel comfortable in doing so and when the timing is right. The thrill of getting on the bike everyday is knowing that there will be breakthrough.

Once You Are Dialed and Ready to Push the Envelope

  1. Body Positioning- Refrain from having your body crunched in and elbows tight. Like a monkey, open your arms and legs wide on the bike. By keeping the body wide it allows you as a rider to handle the bike easier and let it dance around beneath you. It will also help you when cornering tight turns.
  2. Know Before You Go- It’s okay to observe the trail before you hit it full speed. Walk down the trail and scout out what could be behind that blind corner. Look all around for any obstacles and use your imagination to pretend you are on the bike and feel out that specific section of the trail.
  3. Stay Committed- Once you are back on the bike and devoted to a feature, pick a point of commitment to help stay on track mentally and physically. At that point it is time to go, hold on tight and be confident in your skill and knowledge of the features.

Resources to Help Further Your Riding:

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