How to Pack for a Family Trip to Mammoth Lakes in the Spring

Jul 13, 2021

Mammoth Lakes in the springtime offers a smorgasbord of family-friendly outdoor activities. In the morning you can be on the slopes skiing and snowboarding and after lunch hit the town trails by bicycle. The number of activities available can make the prospect of packing for a trip to the mountains with your family a little overwhelming. Read on for tips that will have you ready for snow sports, hiking, biking, or just splashing in the puddles of Mammoth Lakes’ spring thaw.

Go Versatile

The weather and outside conditions can vary wildly in the spring so pack items meant for quick transitions. If it’s going to be lightly raining on the first day of your trip but sunny and windy out the next day, bring lightweight, waterproof jackets made of breathable materials.

While some winter boots can be heavy and thick to protect from extreme winter temperatures, in the spring, bring boots and shoes that are waterproof but offer walkability. Many children’s boot options include lightweight, waterproof designs that still allow your kids the agility to hop on a bike for a trail ride and the traction to run up snow embankments without slipping.

Layering is Key

Underneath your lightweight, waterproof jacket you may need a warm fleece or you can switch out for a long sleeve t-shirt. When preparing for both the variety of temperatures and activities that Mammoth Lakes in the spring has to offer, think about building up and scaling back on layered clothing as you need it.

Pass on the Umbrella

While the springtime weather may include a few light showers, the wind in Mammoth Lakes can be strong. Pass on packing umbrellas with your Wellies and instead make sure you have a hood on your waterproof jacket. Rainy weather doesn’t last long but the wind can keep up throughout the day. A windy day is not a problem with layers and breathable, lightweight outdoor attire.

Cover Up From the Sun

While you might be tempted to leave things like a sunhat, sunscreen, or sunglasses at home, sun protective gear is a must-have year-round in the Eastern Sierra. The town sits at almost 8,000 feet elevation and the top of Mammoth Mountain is 11,053 feet. Sun exposure at such high-altitudes happens quickly.

While it may be sprinkling or even snowing in the morning, within a few hours the sun could be out at full blast. Before you head out for adventure, make sure to slather sunblock on the kids and bring hats and sunglasses to protect your skin. While on the slopes or out on bikes, don’t forget to reapply and keep hydrated.

Charlotte Kaufman

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