Mammoth Lakes Skate Parks

Oct 15, 2020

The 40,000 square-foot Volcom Brothers Skate Park rocks! There really are rocks to skate—super-smooth concrete right up to the boulders. There’s also a giant cradle, a Burnside wall, lumps, humps, a big ol’ bowl and a loveseat wall, plus zillions of different transfers and trannies. It’s truly epic!

Shady Rest Skate park is a street-scene skate park nestled in the pines at 7,800 feet. The skate park is located at the end of Sawmill Cutoff Road, approximately 1/2-mile from Highway 203 next to Shady Rest Park. You can ollie on the pyramid, grind a curb or a rail, wreck yourself on our ghetto-style Jersey barriers and double quick kick flip to fakie on the quarter pipe! This skate park is designed for all ability levels. Helmets and safety gear must be worn.

Respect park rules! Helmets, pads and all safety gear are required. (Mammoth Lakes Town Ordinance 12.20.500). Open from sunrise to sunset in spring, summer and fall, weather permitting. Ample parking, restrooms and pay phones available. For more information, call the Town of Mammoth Lakes Parks and Recreation Department at 760-965-3690. For a change of scene, skate the miles of paved, multi-use paths that wind through the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Pick up a free map at the California Welcome Center – Mammoth Lakes, located on State Highway 203 at the entrance to town.