Bodie Ghost Town, Mono Lake & June Lake Loop – Full Day Itinerary

Oct 15, 2020

Bodie State Historic Park: Bodie Ghost Town is the largest unrestored ghost town in the West. Bodie produced gold and silver from 1877 to 1888, and the town grew to 10,000 residents. Once notorious as the wildest town in the West—with its saloons, bordellos, gambling houses and opium dens—the town is now preserved as a California State Historic Park with weathered buildings, a museum, mine tours and a visitor center. Located 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes on U.S. Highway 395, turn right on State Highway 270, a partially paved, well-maintained road 13 miles from the Bodie entrance. An admission fee is required. Don’t forget your camera, sunscreen and water. 

Mono Lake: Mono Lake is a majestic body of salt water covering 60 square miles. It is an ancient lake, over 700,000 years old, and is two and a half times saltier than seawater. Mono Lake sustains a unique biosphere where tiny brine shrimp and alkali flies provide food for millions of migrating birds. Mono Lake is also home to the unique tufa towers that have formed in the lake, making the landscape truly fascinating. The perfect way to learn about this fragile habitat is through the interactive displays at the Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center just 20 miles south of Bodie on U.S. Highway 395 in the town of Lee Vining. 

June Lake Loop: The June Lake Loop drive is approximately 15 miles of dramatic Sierra peaks and alpine scenery with a chain of gorgeous lakes. Grant Lake, Silver Lake, Gull Lake and June Lake all nestle in a steep, horseshoe shaped canyon. There is fishing, hiking, boating, horseback riding, camping, stores, restaurants and the world-class Double Eagle Resort and Spa. The scenic loop begins 10 miles south of Mono Lake off U.S. Highway 395 on State Route 158. The road then rejoins U.S. Highway 395 as you head south toward Mammoth Lakes.