Winter Activities Blogs

4 Perfect Vistas for Landscape Photography

May 03, 2016 / John Vallejo

While there are plenty of beautiful vistas along US 395, if you get off the highway and explore you'll find some breathtaking photo opportunities. MORE

6 Spots for a Scenic Winter Picnic

Mar 28, 2016 / Monica Prelle

The outdoors not only inspire us to set foot in the wild and take a great adventure, but also to relax and enjoy the view with some good food and company. Fill your picnic basket with good food and hot beverages, bring some warm clothes, a small shovel to clear your... MORE

Try Something New: Full Moon Tours

Mar 23, 2016 / Monica Prelle

Want to experience the mountains under the light of the full moon? There are plenty of places to go and explore Mammoth after dark and winter is no exception. From snowshoeing to cross country skiing, and a backcountry lodge that serves gourmet food there are plenty of nighttime destinations and... MORE

Snowshoeing near Mammoth Lakes: Tips and Trails

Mar 07, 2016 / Kalyn LePre

Winter offers a striking new experience to the hiking trails you love in summer. Even of the most advanced hikers marvel at the spectacular winter scenery at their favorite Eastern Sierra spots. But you don’t have to be an advanced hiker to enjoy snowshoeing. All skill-levels can get out and into the mountains... MORE

Behind the Scenes with Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Patrol

Mar 01, 2016 / Monica Prelle

Snow dripped onto my face, ran down my cheek, and slowly found its way to the warm cradle of my neck where it settled into a small puddle. If I moved my arms to wipe the snow off my face, more dripped. It was a futile attempt since I was... MORE

Try something new XC Skiing

Feb 17, 2016 / Monica Prelle

The  skis  feel so light under your feet, that it’s almost like nothing is there. The forest is quiet. The breeze rustles the treetops, but on the  trails  you feel  only  sunshine on your face. You will glide over the freshly groomed snow and as other skiers pass by they smile and say hello. You’ll notice that everyone is genuinely happy. MORE

5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Spots for Winter Adventures

Feb 15, 2016 / Monica Prelle

The snow-capped mountains and scent of pine in the cold crisp air can be just as invigorating as bombing down the mountain on skis or a snowboard. There’s just something about exploring the forest in winter, whether you’re on cross country skis, snowshoes or a snowmobile or just spending time sledding... MORE

10 Tips for Surviving – and Loving! Your Mammoth Lakes Winter Family Vacation

Jan 22, 2016 / Betsy Temple-Truax

Bringing your family to Mammoth for a winter vacation experience? Great choice! Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, here are some tips to help things go smoothly and make it an enjoyable stay for everyone. MORE