Your Ultimate Guide to Hiking with Dogs at Mammoth Lakes

Jul 14, 2021

I caught up with Michael Johnson our US Forest Service Representative for Mammoth Lakes to discuss tips on hiking with your dogs. One of the most frequently asked questions is, do dogs have to be on leashes? But it all depends on where you’re hiking.

Off leash: In some areas around Mammoth Lakes you can have your dog off leash under voice command on hiking trails in the wilderness and in undeveloped areas. Undeveloped means anywhere where there are no improvements, so the natural environment around Mammoth.

On leash: In town and in the Mammoth Lakes Basin where it’s developed such as campgrounds, picnic areas and the parking lots. Mammoth Lakes is known for being dog-friendly but for our neighboring lands and forests may have different rules. Yosemite National Forest does not allow dogs on the trails. You can only take your dog in the front country area such as their campgrounds, facilities and developed recreation areas. And as always, leave no trace. Pickup after your dog and don’t leave the doggy bags on the trail.

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