Mammoth Cures for Common Maladies

Jul 13, 2021

Need a cure for life’s bummers? Prescription Mother Nature to the rescue in the mother of all outdoor playgrounds — massive, majestic Mammoth Lakes — where there are endless ways to turn negatives into positives and redefine your state of mind. Here’s a quick list of cures for what ails you in this modern world.

BEFORE YOU VISIT: The town of Mammoth Lakes and its businesses are doing their part to keep guests, workers and the local community safe. Our community also asks that guests do their part to keep everyone safe in return by adhering to all travel and recreation guidelines as you return to your favorite wild places in Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth Lakes’ Answer to The Mondays

Sure, the weekends are great. But then comes The Mondays (insert UGH). What’s the cure?

A long weekend in Mammoth Lakes can turn your Monday from sucky to lucky! Let’s be honest, with even smaller crowds and cheaper lodging, mid-week is the best time to visit Mammoth Lakes, so it’s a cure for the Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, too. And winter flights from an airport 10-minutes from town mean you can get back home in time for that big meeting, or… the weekend, all over again.

Hey, Mondays don’t look so bad after all.

Check out our favorite way to combat the Mondays.

Mammoth Lakes’ Answer to Uphill Battles

Kids are awesome, right? RIGHT? But sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle getting everyone organized, fed, clean and out the door on time for school, work and what-have-you. What’s the cure?

A getaway in Mammoth Lakes takes the battle out of family time, unless of course you’re talking about a spirited snowball fight. With pockets of wonder around each corner and endless thrills for all sizes — from skiing and snowboarding to family-friendly snowshoeing and snowmobiling — you’ll be coasting into the good times. And remember, nothing says “I love you, Dad” like a snowball to the face.

Any challenge is an opportunity to grow, expand and experience. With each uphill comes a downhill, so start believing in winter magic and relish the ride.

Check out the video below about tackling uphill battles, Mammoth-style.

Mammoth Lakes’ Answer to Getting off Track

Sometimes you don’t even notice your life is getting off track until it hits you. You’ve gotten so stuck in the day-to-day that you’ve lost touch with what you value in life.

Disrupt your typical routine and get back on track in Mammoth Lakes. Wander through double-take territory and discover how the benefits of being in nature are increasingly recognized — minimize stress and complacency and enhance a sense of emotional happiness.

Why let day-to-day distractions keep you from what’s really important when you can get back to the things you love—like playing outside in Mammoth Lakes. Keep scrolling to see how a winter trip to Mammoth Lakes can help when you feel like you’re getting off track.

Find Your Cure for the Common Maladies

How many of our everyday complaints are actually a result of chronic complacency? How many of our ailments are actually symptoms of our safe lives? Challenge yourself to travel to Mammoth Lakes in winter for some unconventional (but incredibly effective) cures for the common maladies. Restore your well-being by being in nature. Doctor’s orders!

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