Emily Bryant

Waterfalls & Wildflowers: Unreal Viewing in an Unusual Year.

Jul 19, 2023 / Emily Bryant

It’s no secret that this is an unusual year for Mother Nature. Record breaking snowfall has meant a delay to our typical summer sights and activities. Good news is, they are finally melted out and ready to show off. And boy are they showing off! Every time we turn around... MORE

Driving to Mammoth Lakes After an Unreal Winter

Jun 15, 2023 / Emily Bryant

Get updates on changes to Mammoth Lakes local and regional transportation operations. MORE

THE REEL UNREAL – Tangle Free Waters Helps Clean Up Eastern Sierra Waterways

Jun 02, 2023 / Emily Bryant

The community of Mammoth Lakes takes great pride in its lakes and waterways. Not only do they supply residents with water to drink, cook and clean, but they house one of our most popular residents – fish. Every year, anglers come to the area on the hunt for the one that... MORE