Fishing Blogs

In Search of Drunken Bob’s Secret Fishing Hole

Oct 09, 2015 / Mike McKenna

Not all fishing stories are true. The same goes for legends. But the story of Drunken Bob Secret Hole is, and it’s good to know such places and stories still exist. MORE

Fly Fishing the 395 Trout Highway

Oct 03, 2015 / Mike McKenna

For those in search of perfect fishing moments, there’s no better route to take you there than the 395 Trout Highway. MORE

Casting with Dave McCoy

Sep 26, 2015 / Mike McKenna

Dave McCoy may be most famous for creating Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, but what he did with a fishing rod was actually more important. MORE

Virginia Lakes is for Trout Lovers

Sep 14, 2015 / Mike McKenna

Of all the drive-to lakes in the Eastern Sierra none seem to be as far off-the-beaten-path or as easily over-looked as the Virginia Lakes Basin. It almost seems like it’s a secret, and that’s a big part of its appeal. MORE

Gettin’ Hooked: Fishing on Crowley Lake

Sep 06, 2015 / Mike McKenna

Crowley Lake is indeed manmade—but it’s pretty easy to argue that it’s actually one of the best things man has ever made, especially if you like to fish. MORE

Casting Perfect Loops in June Lake

Aug 29, 2015 / Mike McKenna

There are a lot of wonderful places to fish in the Eastern Sierra, but none of them feel as familial—or as homey—as the June Lake Loop. The only thing that seems to change in “the Loop” each year is the water level depending on the winter’s snowpack. MORE

Chasing Cutties at McLeod Lake

Aug 21, 2015 / Mike McKenna

There’s something a little extra special about chasing after fish at catch-and-release only locations. The trout just seem more wily, the places more wild, the experiences more rewarding. And it’s tough to find a better example of this than McLeod Lake in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. MORE

Bob Tanner, Sr. reflects on a lifetime exploring Reds Meadow

Aug 15, 2015 / Mike McKenna

There are very few people—if any—who know the backcountry of the Sierra Nevada better than Bob Tanner, Sr. Bob explored and guided people into the massive and mountainous region for over eight decades, much of it while riding a horse or one of his beloved mules. MORE