About Mammoth Lakes’ Tourism Business Improvement District

NOTE: Tourism Economics is in the process of conducting an updated TBID study that will be available in the spring of 2022.

The TBID approach to town development has been used successfully in other tourism-driven economies. Funds generated by the tourism assessment are used to enhance the guest experience and attract visitors in off-peak seasons through destination marketing. These efforts help to increase visitation and generate $7.06 for the town budget for every dollar spent on marketing, compared to $4.82 per dollar spent before the TBID was instated.

Increased visitation sustains a healthy economy in Mammoth Lakes, which relies on tourism as its main source of income, and continues to allow the town to improve streets, parks, trails and public safety measures for all to enjoy. Note that these funds provide a stable source of funding for Mammoth Lakes’ tourism marketing that CANNOT be accessed, or controlled, by the town government for any reason. The use of funds is regulated at a state level and requires Mammoth Lakes Tourism to provide information about the return on investment of these funds to local stakeholders.

The budget for each year of the TBID’s five-year operation is anticipated to be approximately $4,700,000.

Learn more about the Mammoth Lakes TBID in the Mammoth Lakes Tourism Business Improvement District Management District Plan is the governing document behind the development, management and oversight of the business assessment.  The plan contains information on the District boundaries, what business are included, what rate each segment pays, who collects the funds, who oversee the marketing efforts and how Mammoth Lakes Tourism anticipates using those funds.

Online TBID Remittance

Register your business with the Town of Mammoth Lakes’ online bill-pay system to remit your TBID payments online.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TBID

Have more questions about the Mammoth Lakes TBID? Check out the FAQs page or reach out directly to John Urdi at JUrdi@VisitMammoth.com or 760-934-2712 x1259.