Printed Materials

Printed Marketing Materials for Your Guests

MLT provides free stickers, maps, guidebooks and other printed materials to local businesses to help enhance the guest experience. Our staff delivers materials to businesses before busy holiday weekends in Mammoth Lakes, however, businesses are welcome to request resupplies of printed materials if they run out before scheduled drop-offs. To request any of the materials below email or call 760-934-2712.

Available Printed Materials

From Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Mammoth Lakes Stickers

The popular Mammoth Lakes stickers are available in traditional Mammoth Lakes blue and other seasonal designs. Local businesses can give stickers away for free at registers or other touchpoints. To request stickers email or call 760-934-2712.

Official Visitor Guide

Visitor guide racks and printed visitor guides are provided to local businesses free of charge. Certified Folder Display Services, Inc. regularly resupplies visitor guide racks around town.

If your visitor guide rack runs out between deliveries or you need additional guides for other purposes, MLT has a supply of guides at the office and can deliver them to your business.

To request visitor guides email or call 760-934-2712.

Town Maps

Double-sided tear-off maps featuring detailed renderings of the town of Mammoth Lakes and the Mammoth Lakes Basin are available for front desks and other information hubs. To request maps email or call 760-934-2712.

Children’s Placemats

Kid-friendly activity placemats are available to Mammoth Lakes restaurants. The placemats feature activities that teach young visitors about responsible recreation. To request placemats email or call 760-934-2712.