Long mountainous roads, wide shoulders, good pavement, and plenty of scenery—that’s what road cycling in Mammoth Lakes is all about. With little traffic and miles of pavement, the Eastern Sierra is truly a road cycling paradise. Just ask any one of the professional cyclists that train here. But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy pedaling on the roads. Here is your beginner’s guide to road cycling in Mammoth Lakes.MORE

The solitude of the wild with nothing between you and the stream, except for your fly line—sounds nice doesn’t it? There is nothing better than hiking into the mountains and casting a line in the backcountry. Here’s your beginner’s guide to fishing in the Eastern Sierra backcountry.MORE

The Eastern Sierra Nevada hillsides come alive with bright hues of yellow, orange, red and purple wildflowers in the spring and summer. Buy a wildflower field guide at the Mammoth Welcome Center and learn more about local fauna, and take a walk along one of our favorite trails for wildflower viewing.MORE

Rhae Shaw is a self-proclaimed smiley goofball, but don’t let that fool you. She’s also a serious competitor when she’s on two wheels. The former Ironman-triathlete switched to professional road cycling in 2011 and even though she might have started late in competitive cycling, her list of...MORE

Ever since the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City (7,382 feet), altitude training has become essential to an elite endurance athlete’s exercise program. Athletes who lived in high altitude regions performed better than athletes from lower elevation regions. Since then, altitude training has been studied extensively in endurance sports. Most scientific studies focus on running and cycling, however, the effect of altitude training is relatively uncertain in swimming. The sport differs from other endurance sports in its style of conditioning.MORE

As the spring sun begins to shine, rising above the White Mountains on the horizon, Mammoth skiers and snowboarders wake to a frosty morning. They begin their coffee and breakfast rituals while gearing up for the day. But there is plenty more to do than just ski and snowboard, or run.MORE

ASICS elite runner Adriana Nelson has a list of accolades on her resume including a team gold medal from the 2005 World Half Marathon Championships, a second-place finish in the 2007 Chicago Marathon, and the 2013 U.S. Half Marathon Championships title. “The half marathon has been good to me,”...MORE

Most of us who love Mammoth have experienced cerebral benefits of adventuring in the great outdoors, whether we realize it or not. While the need for exercise is innate for some, others may need to consider the latest science to get motivated.MORE

When Dave Turner landed in Verdi, Nevada last spring, he became the first paraglider to complete a full crossing of the state of California—and he did it solo and unsupported. Thirty days earlier he set out from Ventura, California hiking his wing to the coastal mountains in Ojai, and flew north over the Mojave Range and the Sierra Nevada mountains, hiking and flying until he completed the record-breaking vol-biv journey. We caught up with Dave to chat about his adventures in paragliding.MORE

After more than a year of running in Mammoth Lakes with the ASCIS Mammoth Track Club, Lauren Jimison, had a break through performance at the US Half Marathon Championships in Huston last month. We caught up with Lauren to hear about her most recent race and training for the ASICS LA Marathon, which will be the 2015 US Marathon Championships this March.MORE