So you are heading to Mammoth Lakes to spend some time mountains. There is no better way to experience the great outdoors than pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars. If you’ve never been camping before, or if you haven’t gone since last summer and need some reminders, we have tips and advice on how to plan a camping getaway to Mammoth Lakes.MORE

The good news is that one of America’s favorite national parks is just one hour north of Mammoth Lakes. The even better news is that you don’t even have to drive.MORE

With 3,882,642 annual visitors, Yosemite is third most popular national park in America. The park is also expecting delays due to road construction projects through out the summer. If crowds and road construction aren’t your thing we have a few suggestions on Yosemite Alternatives.MORE

One of the best parts about visiting Mammoth Lakes is wildlife viewing. Though the bears are one of the biggest attractions, there are birds of prey, alpine rodents and even endangered Sierra Nevada Bighorn. Here are some of the unique animals of the Eastern Sierra.MORE

If you are anything like me on my first day riding on Mammoth Mountain, you’ll be unprepared and learn quickly that the reward of crashing in pumice is at best an uncomfortable raspberry abrasion. (Pumice is the same rock that is used to scrub feet of dead skin and calluses.) But you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I did.MORE

From Mammoth Lakes north to Bridgeport and south to Lone Pine there are a number of lakes and streams with golden, rainbow, brooke, and brown trout. This list is not intended to guide you with all the details of how to fish the backcountry, but an inspiration to get off the road, go hiking, and cast a line. Don’t forget that a valid California state fishing license is required in the backcountry.MORE

The Eastern Sierra is home to hundreds of miles of hiking trails. From mountain vistas to alpine lakes, trails lead us to spectacular destinations. It would take a lifetime to hike every mile of trail that the region offers, so we’ve created a bucket list guide to the most spectacular trails near Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra dividing them by region.MORE