In honor of this history, the Convict Lake Resort hosts two annual and rather unique fishing derbies: the “Round Up at the Lake” in the spring and the “Ambush at the Lake” each fall. “They are pretty fun deals and people really like them,” Brian Balarsky said. Brian’s family has owned the resort since 1982. He left his job as a CPA to move to the High Sierra to run the business more than a decade ago. MORE

Maybe it’s catching a monstrous rainbow trout at Convict Lake, or reeling in a beastly brown at Bridgeport Reservoir, or landing a cranky cutthroat along the June Lake Loop that instantly makes you addicted to angling on the “Eastside.” Whatever the reason, rare is the angler who casts in the waters of the “Range of Light” and never returns again for more.MORE

December 7th, 1941 is a day that lives in American infamy. February 19, 1942 is another day that lives in far-less-famous American infamy. On that fateful day, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. This instructed the Secretary of War, Henry Stimson, to take whatever “reasonable action the Secretary deemed necessary” concerning the evacuation of Japanese Americans and to set up “Military Areas,” now known as “War Relocation Centers” (WRC)—but perhaps best described as “Concentration Camps”—throughout the West.MORE

Patience and Faith. They are simple enough words. Words that could easily be used to describe stuff like the tenets of the Bible, or they could be the names of a couple of cute gals working down at the local coffee shop. But when put together, and accompanied by beer and a tackle box, they usually become the mantra of fishermen: “Patience and Faith.” Of course other words like skill or experience, frustrated or foolish, lonely and lucky are often linked to anglers, too. Read MoreMORE

Angling, particularly of the fly variety, has long been a male dominated sport. But those days are disappearing faster than a cooler full of beers during the season opener on Crowley Lake. It’s estimated that currently more than one out of every five fly fishers is a woman, and the numbers of female fly anglers are rising like Caddisflies on a mid-summer morn on the Lower Owens.MORE