There are a lot of wonderful places to fish in the Eastern Sierra, but none of them feel as familial—or as homey—as the June Lake Loop. The only thing that seems to change in “the Loop” each year is the water level depending on the winter’s snowpack.MORE

There’s something a little extra special about chasing after fish at catch-and-release only locations. The trout just seem more wily, the places more wild, the experiences more rewarding. And it’s tough to find a better example of this than McLeod Lake in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.MORE

One of the best things about fishing is that even the best traveled of us have our old favorite, and familiar, fishing holes. Places we love to return to, both in person and in our minds. Hemingway had the Big Two-Hearted River. Norman Maclean had the Blackfoot. John Gierach has the St. Vrain. For the Navarro family of Long Beach, Lake George is the spot.MORE

The evidence is pretty overwhelming. By far, one of the best things you can ever do for kids is to take them fishing. That’s because when we take kids out fishing we’re actually offering them a lot more than a just day on the water or some basic knowledge about trout, casting or treble hooks. We’re helping to improve their lives in the present and the future.MORE

Twin Lakes is nestled at the base of the famous slopes of Mammoth Mountain. The lakes are fed from a waterfall, and after pausing to make up the Twin Lakes, the water then tumbles down to become Mammoth Creek.MORE