Who doesn't love a good burger? After an active and adventurous day in the mountains, sometimes there's nothing that can quench an appetite like a hearty hamburger and fries.  Luckily, restaurants in Mammoth Lakes grill up an incredible selection of burgers. From a basic burger with...MORE

Building a snowman in Mammoth Lakes is a great way to spend creative time off of the ski slopes with family and friends. The process of constructing and bringing a snowman to life is an unforgettable activity that can be shared with the young and the young at heart alike.MORE

Mammoth Lakes is legendary for providing outdoor adventurers access to long, scenic hiking trails and flowing, epic mountain bike single track. These trails wind through a wide variety of forest ecosystems, providing majestic environments rich in natural beauty and diverse in flora and fauna.MORE

From the birth of the Sierra Nevada Range to explosive volcanoes and rock-pulverizing glaciers, the history of Reds Meadows is one adventurous tale.MORE

From massive volcanic eruptions to mountain shaping glaciers and ancient seas, the region around Mammoth Lakes has an exciting and unique geologic history. When in the area, there is no better way to observe the geologic evolution of the Eastern Sierra than by traveling from Mammoth Lakes to the nearby Owens River Gorge.MORE

Spring is a fantastic time to hit the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. From late March to the end of the season, the winter crowds dwindle, conditions remain incredible, days become longer and warmer, and off-season pricing for lodging and skiing takes effect. Plus, Mammoth Mountain routinely remains open through Memorial Day weekend, making it one of the longest continuous ski seasons in North America.MORE