Take the 11,053' Pink Moon Challenge

It’s a curious name, Ezakimak, and one you can have fun saying three times fast. It’s also the name of one of the newest events recently added to the Eastern Sierra’s growing list of attractions for athletes. An inversion of Kamikaze, the...MORE

It was trail running’s good fortune when Tim Tollefson found baseball, well, boring. Nothing against America’s pastime, but early on Tollefson knew the game wasn’t for him. “I got bored,” he confessed. “I fell asleep out there.”

Tollefson would later decide to take running the 90-foot...MORE

Bacon. Walking into Mammoth Brewing Company’s tasting room building at the corner of Lake Mary Road and Minaret in Mammoth Lakes, the first thing that hit me, was the smell of bacon. Not beer, although with more than a dozen varieties of Mammoth Brewing Company’s award-winning craft beers always on tap there was plenty of that. No, it was indeed the bacon … and that’s why I was there, for an interview with Chef Brandon Broccia to talk about his newest creation, The Eatery.MORE

Some of you might know that, in addition to skiing in winter, I’ve also recently gotten hooked on running. Here in Mammoth Lakes, we like to play hard, and we workout alongside some of the world’s best athletes, who train here. Having done a couple of races, one thing that I’ve noticed is that more and more athletes are turning to chocolate milk – that’s right, plain old chocolate milk – to aid in their workout recovery process.MORE