A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in Mammoth Lakes

There’s so many options for hiking near Mammoth Lakes and in the Eastern Sierra. Here are few trails first time visitors and beginning hikers should check out when they arrive in Mammoth Lakes.

Newly Married Athletes Return to the Mammoth Lakes Crib

Newlyweds Rowan and Mike Torckler visited Mammoth Lakes recently, but it wasn’t a starry-eyed honeymoon that brought them here. Mike is a professional road cyclist who was taking advantage of Mammoth Lakes’ Endurance Crib for the second summer in a row.

Mammoth Lakes Hiking Essentials

One of the best ways to see the wilderness surrounding Mammoth Lakes is to get on a trail and go hiking. From alpine lakes to mountain streams and meadows there are plenty of serene environments to inspire a hiking adventure, but you’ll need a few hiking essentials before you hit the trail.

Mammoth Lakes Campground Report

Headed to Mammoth Lakes for a camping trip? Check the Mammoth Lakes and Reds Meadow campground reports to see which campgrounds are open and have available sites.

Beginner’s Guide to Road Biking in Mammoth Lakes

Long mountainous roads, wide shoulders, good pavement, and plenty of scenery—that’s what road cycling in Mammoth Lakes is all about. With little traffic and miles of pavement, the Eastern Sierra is truly a road cycling paradise. Just ask any one of the professional cyclists that train here. But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy pedaling on the roads. Here is your beginner’s guide to road cycling in Mammoth Lakes.

Sara Hall Returns to Mammoth Lakes to Prep for NYC

Professional runner and former Mammoth Lakes resident, Sara Hall, returned to town recently for a high altitude training stint at the Crib in preparation for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. We caught up with Sara to find out how things were going and to wish her well. Crib:…

Fall Colors Just South of Mammoth Lakes

Fall in the Mammoth Lakes area is a glorious time of year. The Eastern Sierra region is laced with rugged canyons carved by rushing streams and is home to some of the finest fall color viewing anywhere. You can even find gorgeous fall colors right in Mammoth Lakes. Check out these…

Earth History Drives: Mammoth Lakes to the Owens River Gorge

From massive volcanic eruptions to mountain shaping glaciers and ancient seas, the region around Mammoth Lakes has an exciting and unique geologic history. When in the area, there is no better way to observe the geologic evolution of the Eastern Sierra than by traveling from Mammoth Lakes to the nearby Owens River Gorge.

3 Days of Snow Adventures in Mammoth Lakes

Winter in Mammoth Lakes naturally inspires thoughts of adventure, and it’s easily accessible from your doorstep. There are so many ways for everyone to enjoy this spectacular, snowy winter wonderland.  Mammoth Lakes averages 300 days of sunshine annually, but if your visit does coincide with a snowstorm, don’t worry. Significant snow accumulations…

Beautiful Snowshoe Adventures Within 10 Minutes of Mammoth Lakes

Snowshoeing in Mammoth Lakes is a great way to enjoy a quiet moment in nature. There are so many stunning vistas that are easily accessible and within 10 minutes of Mammoth Lakes, and many of the trails are great for families or folks with dogs.