An Open Letter to Everyone Who Loves & Enjoys the Eastern Sierra

Perched between the high desert and mountains, Mammoth Lakes and the communities of Mono County are one of California’s most beloved playgrounds – and our home. We live, play, and work in a delicate ecosystem, one that is pristine and filled with natural beauty where our biggest resource is nature, itself. As with any resource, it stands the risk of being overused – and frankly abused – if those enjoying it do not become stewards of its very existence. 
Over the last several weeks a growing number of people have looked to the outdoors for much-needed escape. Unfortunately, not all of us have shown this area the respect it deserves. For the Eastern Sierra and its communities to remain viable and accessible, we all need to do our part in keeping it clean and safe.
Below are just a few simple but extremely impactful things you can do to help:
  • Follow the current COVID-19 Guidelines found at Coronavirus.MonoCounty.CA.Gov, including the basics of wearing masks (required in Mono County) when in contact with others, 6-foot social distancing, avoiding large groups and washing hands to prevent spread.
  • Be responsible when recreating – park in designated areas only, stay on trails, pack out any trash you pack in, pick up dog waste and dispose of it properly, give way to other hikers, bikers, and others you meet to allow for proper distancing.
  • Be aware when camping – you must camp in designated campgrounds and approved dispersed camping areas only. Be “bear aware” with proper food storage, respect fire restrictions (NO campfires outside of developed recreation sites) and learn proper ways to bury human waste in the woods, far away from streams, rivers or lakes.
  • Be kind – almost ALL our residents of the Eastern Sierra work in hospitality at some level and are essential to your vacation, whether they are front desk clerks, wait staff, baristas, or housekeepers. Many are concerned about their own health – and the health of their families –  but are working to be sure you have a great experience, so please treat them with respect and kindness.
These public spaces are ours, (ALL of ours) and require everyone’s care. Thank you for striving to do your part to keep these mountains and surrounding areas pristine for years to come. 
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