Check out this latest "The Mountains Are Calling" webisode as Kalyn Lepre catches up with Erik Lyon, a Naturalist with the Mono Lake Committee. Erik has lots of "Wow" facts to share as well as some great "how-to" tips for getting the most out of your Mono Lake experience.

When talking about Mono Lake it's all about the numbers - big numbers. For starters Mono Lake, situated at an elevation of approximately 6,350', is incredibly salty. How salty? This Eastern Sierra lake is more than 3 times saltier than the sea, which is a major driving force behind what makes the Mono Lake Basin ecosystem so unique. 

Given the rare chemical properties of Mono Lake, few species have what it takes to call this place home. Yet those that do, such as the Brine Shrimp, thrive in staggering abundance. How much? At its peak during the year there can be as many as 10 trillion Brine Shrimp throughout Mono Lake's waters.

Another species that thrives across the shores of this salty body of water is the Alkali Fly, which numbers in the millions. What does this all mean? Well among other things, for birds, it means a bounty of food. Every year many local and migratory birds flock to Mono Lake in the millions to feast and nest - Bird Watchers rejoice!

Mono Lake also has something for geology buffs. Perhaps the most distinguishing landmarks of this area would be the Tufa Towers. Formed over time by the mixing of spring water and salt water, these towers of calcified limestone now rise in clusters throughout the basin as a result of lowering of the lake's water level and erosion. 

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