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Giving Back: Travelers Want to Help, Mammoth Lakes Is Making it Easy

Recreate Responsibly and Help Protect the Eastern Sierra

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (May 12, 2022) — As visitation to our most pristine natural landscapes continues to grow, survey after survey has shown one thing to be increasingly (and delightfully) clear: by-and-large, today’s traveler wants to be part of the solution.

The community of Mammoth Lakes is showing visitors how, with programs and experiences that put guests in a position to make a positive impact while enjoying the incredible natural beauty that is the area’s claim to fame. From multi-day back-country trips to river floats with a mission of cleaning up, Mammoth Lakes is hoping to make it both rewarding and enjoyable for visitors to be part of the solution.

“When we talk about environmental stewardship in mountain destinations, too often the conversation is about visitors being the problem. With some basic planning and communication, we feel strongly that our visitors are actually the solution,“ said John Urdi, Mammoth Lakes Tourism’s Executive Director. “We hear every day from folks who want to help. These programs are about showing them how, and doing it in a way that’s fun and enjoyable.”

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