Celebrate Global Running Day with the Mammoth Track Club

“One great thing about running is that it transcends all backgrounds in our society,” says Mammoth Track Club coach Andrew Kastor, who is spearheading the Mammoth Track Club’s first annual Global Running Day event at Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes. “When people think of the Mammoth Track Club, they think of it as an elite group, but we also have people running for the first time, checkers at Vons, attorneys, real estate agents… we’re all on the same starting line.”

About Global Running Day in Mammoth Lakes

That sense of camaraderie is sure to be in full force on Wednesday, June 5, from 5-7 pm at Footloose Sports. The event will feature a 300-meter kids dash (complete with pro-style bibs), a guided 5K, raffles and discounts on local races. (Here’s your chance to sign up for the Mammoth Half Marathon & 5K! Check out these 7 reasons why the races are worth running.)

Global Running Day is “kind of a holiday in the running world,” says Kastor, “created to encourage people to get out and be healthy and to pledge to run at least a mile on Global Running Day. To help promote the sport of distance running, and running in general.” Running, says Kastor, is a great equalizer. “People from Olympic athletes to Boston Qualifiers, to the person trying to do a 5K—they can all relate to one another.”

The event is a great opportunity to learn from Coach Kastor, who has spent his career helping runners chase personal bests (including his wife, Olympic bronze medalist Deena Kastor). He’ll be performing complimentary gait analyses for runners interested in learning how to improve their style. “I’m going to lead a 5K run into Shady Rest,” says Kastor. “When the runners get back, I’ll be basically breaking down running form to help people be more efficient at running. When you’re more efficient, running is much more enjoyable. And that’s the mission of the Mammoth Track Club, to promote fitness through running in the Eastern Sierra.”

That’s the beauty of the Mammoth Track Club as well, says Kastor. “People can line up on the starting line right behind an Olympian or record holder and follow in their footsteps.”

Local Runners & The Crib Alumni on Global Running Day

Want to know how Mammoth Track Club athletes and Mammoth Lakes Crib alumni are celebrating Global Running Day on June 5? Here’s what they have to say:

Jenny Lucas, ultrarunner and Mammoth Track Club ambassador

“I’ll be doing my normal 8-miler at lunchtime,” says Lucas, “and then I’ll be representing the Mammoth Half Marathon & 5K at Footloose.”

Lucas suckered her boyfriend, local photographer Miles Weaver, into running the Mammoth Half as well. This is the second 13-mile race she’s managed get him to run off the couch.

“You don’t have to taper if you don’t train,” Lucas jokes.

Kenny Palmer, Mammoth Track Club athlete

“I suppose a Hot Creek 10-miler and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale will do grand.”

Arnar Petursson, professional Icelandic runner, The Crib alumnus and three-time Reykjavik Marathon winner

“I’ll celebrate World Running Day by meeting up with my local fun run club. I’m scheduled to do a little presentation and then we’ll do a little training session together, a perfect way to spend World running day, in my opinion. Running, with runners!”

Soufiane Bouchiki, professional Belgian runner, The Crib alumnus and Olympic hopeful

“I will definitely be celebrating World Running Day with a hard track session in the morning and then maybe another run later on in the evening,” says the ultra-dedicated runner. “That’s my way of honoring World Running day!”

Alycia Cridebring, The Crib alumnus

“This year’s global running day will mark a successful month-long altitude stint for me in Mammoth,” says Cridebring. “I was injured this day last year, so it just means so much more to me that I am able to train healthy and happy in such an amazing place, despite the extra snow!”

Get your run on for Global Running Day at Footloose Sports on Wednesday, June 5 from 5-7 pm.

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