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Mammoth Lakes Insider's Blog

Welcome to the Mammoth Lakes Insider Blog, where you'll find real locals writing about their adventures in the mountains and offering you trip ideas and tips to make your next trip to Mammoth lakes awesome. You'll find everything from outdoor adventures, local history, food and dining culture and even theater reviews.
Aug 28, 2014 / Monica Prelle

Mammoth Lakes is one of the top hiking destinations in California for a reason. There are endless destinations with rugged beauty and hiking trails to lead you there, but like any popular area, the trails can be busy especially during peak hiking season. Next time you are heading out for a hike, try a new trail that is a little off the beaten path. There are plenty of trails in our backyard that are less visited and equally as spectacular. Here are 5 hikes to try on your next visit:MORE

Aug 27, 2014 / Christie Osborne

Being in shape allows you to ski and ride longer. It also helps you avoid injuries. It gives you the strength, which allows you to pursue more technical terrain. And it gives you the stamina to ski and ride longer, which makes the price of an all-day lift ticket totally worth it! Remember, have a trainer to help you identify appropriate workouts to get you into skiing and riding shape and always talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.MORE