Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Long mountainous roads, wide shoulders, good pavement, and plenty of scenery—that’s what road cycling in Mammoth Lakes is all about. With little traffic and miles of pavement, the Eastern Sierra is truly a road cycling paradise. Just ask any one of the professional cyclists that train here. But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy pedaling on the roads. Here is your beginner’s guide to road cycling in Mammoth Lakes.MORE

The solitude of the wild with nothing between you and the stream, except for your fly line—sounds nice doesn’t it? There is nothing better than hiking into the mountains and casting a line in the backcountry. Here’s your beginner’s guide to fishing in the Eastern Sierra backcountry.MORE

In honor of this history, the Convict Lake Resort hosts two annual and rather unique fishing derbies: the “Round Up at the Lake” in the spring and the “Ambush at the Lake” each fall. “They are pretty fun deals and people really like them,” Brian Balarsky said. Brian’s family has owned the resort since 1982. He left his job as a CPA to move to the High Sierra to run the business more than a decade ago. MORE

The Eastern Sierra Nevada hillsides come alive with bright hues of yellow, orange, red and purple wildflowers in the spring and summer. Buy a wildflower field guide at the Mammoth Welcome Center and learn more about local fauna, and take a walk along one of our favorite trails for wildflower viewing.MORE

Maybe it’s catching a monstrous rainbow trout at Convict Lake, or reeling in a beastly brown at Bridgeport Reservoir, or landing a cranky cutthroat along the June Lake Loop that instantly makes you addicted to angling on the “Eastside.” Whatever the reason, rare is the angler who casts in the waters of the “Range of Light” and never returns again for more.MORE