Summer Activities

Summer Activities

If you've been to Mammoth Lakes, you've probably seen the "Don't Feed Our Bears" stickers on dumpsters, cars and on signage all over town. If your planning your first trip, look for them. They're everywhere! 

I caught up with Steve Searles, the local wildlife specialist to talk about Bears in Mammoth Lakes. We talked about why it's important not to feed them, what to do if you encounter a bear, and how to stay bear safe in the backcountry.MORE

If you are anything like me on my first day riding on Mammoth Mountain, you’ll be unprepared and learn quickly that the reward of crashing in pumice is at best an uncomfortable raspberry abrasion. (Pumice is the same rock that is used to scrub feet of dead skin and calluses.) But you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I did.MORE

From Mammoth Lakes north to Bridgeport and south to Lone Pine there are a number of lakes and streams with golden, rainbow, brooke, and brown trout. This list is not intended to guide you with all the details of how to fish the backcountry, but an inspiration to get off the road, go hiking, and cast a line. Don’t forget that a valid California state fishing license is required in the backcountry.MORE