COVID-19 Safety at Restaurants in Mammoth Lakes

NOTE: As of December 2, indoor dining is temporarily prohibited. Advanced reservations for outdoor seating or opting for takeout or delivery are highly recommended.

Restaurants and coffee shops in Mammoth Lakes are open with new county-wide guidelines in place to keep guests and staff safe and healthy.

Some restaurants in Mammoth Lakes may be operating with changed or reduced hours. Visit the restaurant’s website or contact the restaurant directly for the most up-to-date information about hours and operations.


In accordance with the State of California, Mono County has developed health and safety guidelines for restaurants to welcome customers. Some safety measures are required by the Mono County Public Health Department and others are recommended as additional health and safety precautions.

Some safety precautions include:

  • Indoor dining temporarily prohibited. Limited outdoor seating is available and takeout is highly recommended
  • Arranging tables to reduce capacity and keep seating at least six feet or installing physical barriers between seating for people outside of the same household
  • Avoiding crowding in waiting areas; guests may be asked to call ahead for reservations and only enter the restaurant patios when their table is ready
  • Eliminating self-serve options and shared items, such as condiment bottles
  • Ensuring frequent cleaning of common surfaces
  • Replacing reusable menus with disposable menus or chalk/whiteboards
  • Offering take-out, curbside pickup and/or mobile ordering
  • Increased cleaning of public restrooms, while encouraging guests to use the restroom at home before arriving

For detailed information about a specific restaurant’s cleanliness protocols, visit the restaurant’s website or contact the business directly.


The town of Mammoth Lakes and the restaurants here are doing their part to keep guests, workers and the local community safe. Our community also asks that guests do their part to keep our community safe in return by adhering to these safety and etiquette guidelines:

  • Face coverings should only be removed when you are actively eating or drinking
  • Respect each restaurant’s safety regulations (ex: calling ahead for reservations, sitting only at designated seating areas or paying in advance and waiting outside for to-go orders)
  • Be respectful of others; while some people may not share the same level of concern as others, it’s important to respect public spaces, be kind and follow precautions
  • Protect staff and other guests by wearing a mask when you enter the restaurant to pick up to-go orders
  • Keep a physical distance of six feet from anyone outside of your immediate household, even if you are wearing a face covering
  • Do not congregate in waiting areas
  • Plan ahead and use the restroom at home before you go to a restaurant for dine-in service to avoid public restrooms whenever possible
  • Clean your hands often
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Stay home if you are feeling sick


Based on state guidelines, these Mammoth Lakes food and beverage businesses are allowed to open:

Restaurants & Breweries

  • Permitted; outdoor seating only

Coffee Shops

  • Permitted; outdoor seating only

Late Night Bars

  • Not permitted


Are restaurants in Mammoth Lakes open?

Most restaurants in Mammoth Lakes are open with outdoor seating only at this time. Takeout and delivery are highly recommended. Check with each restaurant to learn about hours of operation available services.

Are breweries or bars in Mammoth Lakes open?

Establishments that serve food are allowed to open with outdoor seating only at this time. Bars that do not serve food are closed until further notice. Check with each business to learn about hours of operation and available services.

Where can I find information about a specific restaurant’s policies about cleanliness, hours of operation etc.?

For more detailed information about a specific restaurant’s policies, visit the restaurant’s website or contact the business directly.

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