Camping Blogs

Camping Blogs

Backpacking is a combination of hiking and camping. You are basically hiking your overnight gear into a wilderness location and spending a night or two camping in the great outdoors. Before you trek out on a backpacking trip for a night or a few there are a few things to know about backpacking in Mammoth Lakes.MORE

So you are heading to Mammoth Lakes to spend some time mountains. There is no better way to experience the great outdoors than pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars. If you’ve never been camping before, or if you haven’t gone since last summer and need some reminders, we have tips and advice on how to plan a camping getaway to Mammoth Lakes.MORE

You may have heard the saying: leave no trace, but do you know what it means? It’s about respect for the environment and the High Sierra—keep pristine, pristine.

Leave No Trace is a core set of principals defined by The Leave No Trace Foundation. The national program sets the standard outdoors “rules” and is an educational program that is designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts with their decisions about how to reduce their impacts when they are enjoying the great outdoors.MORE