The East Walker River is famous for two things: for being one of the best brown trout fly fishing streams in California and for its resiliency. After several years of draught in the High Sierra, this 90-mile river is bouncing back to life, making it a great fishing destination this year....MORE

The good news for folks shopping for fishing fans is that most of us are pretty easy to please. If a gift has anything to do with fishing — which often includes beer products—we’ll be happy.

Most anglers love fishing shirts, silly coffee mugs, the latest gadgets and reels, guided trips...MORE

Fall is my favorite time to fish the Eastern Sierra, and I’m not alone. The crowds are gone, but the fish are still here. The mornings are often cold enough to see your breath, but most days warm up long enough to bare shirtsleeves and bask in the beauty of fall on the Eastside.


There once was a time when Convict Lake, one of the most photographed and famous bodies of water in California’s Eastern Sierra, was known by other names. 
Names that also hint at the magical and mysterious appeal of the lake’s crystal clear waters.

Unlike many drive-to lakes...MORE

For many a local angler, spring is the best season of them all. After the joyful kick-off to another trout season and the chaos and crowds of “Fishmas” dissipate, the region returns to its quiet, slack-season ways. So it’s easy to feel like you’ve got the whole world to yourself during most spring days in the Eastern Sierra.MORE

While everyone else is up on the hill, cozied up to the bar, or curled up in front of a fireplace, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got the world to yourself when you’re on the water. It’s just you and the trout, the occasional brace of waterfowl and the impressive work of Mother Nature during her season of silence. A good day of winter fishing can be nothing shy of magical. The type of moments only great poets can hope to properly praise.MORE