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Horseback Riding

Another great way to see Mammoth Lake's backcountry is by horseback. Local pack outfitters offer hour-long, half and full-day rides as well as week-long excursions into the Ansel Adams and John Muir wilderness areas. A 2-hour ride, perfect for families, takes you to Heart Lake in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, passing by a historic gold mine and mining camp. Other favorites include the guided rides along Convict Lake, McGee Canyon, Rock Creek and Red's Meadow. Relax and enjoy the Sierra scenery while the horses do what they love. For a real old west experience you can be a working cowboy on a horse drive during the spring & fall seasons. No experience necessary - they'll show you the ropes.

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Local Pack Outfits:

Convict Lake Resort
Mammoth Lakes Pack Outfit 
McGee Pack Station
Red's Meadow Pack Station
Rock Creek Pack Station
Sierra Meadows Ranch (Horse Boarding only)

High Sierra Equestrian Club

The High Sierra Equestrian Club protects and fosters equestrian activities in the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mountains of California. Our love of our horses is only matched by our commitment to protect the spectacular mountain environment that surrounds us.

Equestrians have ridden horses on these sacred trails for more than a century. We take seriously our responsibility to protect the Round Valley mule deer migration corridor and preserve their historic bedding and feeding habitat through which equestrians have been riding without harm for decades. Equestrians can ride by a doe and a fawn in their natural habitat without distressing either. That experience reconnects horse, rider, and nature in a bond that cannot be known by hikers with dogs or men on machines.
During the months of June to October, stop by the Sierra Meadows Equestrian Center on Old Mammoth Road in Mammoth Lakes and make some new friends!

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